Often the shower strainer becomes clogged or the drain mouth becomes rusty. For different reasons, you might need to replace a shower strainer. The drain assembly components are laid under the shower floor and one needs to expose the hole in order to pull out the individual pieces of the shower drain. There are several interlocking components of a drain of which it is comprised of.During the lifetime of a shower outflow system the different parts might need replacement for different reasons.

How to replace a shower strainer yourself

Nowadays the shower outflow components comprise of separate units that are easily assembled. As a result, it might be possible for homeowners to replace a shower strainer by themselves without having to call in plumbing services for replacement. To make things easier, there are several shower strainer replacement kits available in the market like at the hardware or home improvement stores. The kits usually comprise of the following parts:

• Strainer

• Shower pan

• Strainer body

• Rubber gasket

• Drain body

Why you need to remove a shower strainer

Often water leakage might occur in the interlocking parts of a home drainage system for which removal of shower strainer becomes necessary. With the availability of DIY kits, it is often not necessary to call in plumbing services if a simple removal or replacement can do the trick. The drain body connects to the drain pipe which in turn attaches to the water supply lines of a home. While removal of drain pipes will require professional plumbing assistance, changing a shower drain component like a strainer can be easily done by home owners. 

How to replace the strainer

When you need to replace the strainer of a shower water outflow system, you need to get a strainer component of the same diameter from the hardware or home improvement store. The strainer components are made of chrome or nickel and prevent large objects from flowing down the outflow system. Usually screws hold the strainer in place for which, one would have to unscrew the top in order to remove the strainer from the body below.

When to seek professional help

While removing a shower drain component and replacing the same might have become easier today, many people do not have the time to buy the right components or have the skills to do the necessary handiwork to replace the drain components successfully. Wrong placement could lead to further problems. For these reasons, it is best to opt for professional service. There are plumbing services or house contractors who can provide the right service men to do the repair jobs in and around a house.These service men are usually a call away when a reliable service has opted for.

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